Friday, November 27, 2009


How you doin'?
Well I haven't done anything much this month. We updated to Windows's great! Except we cant get drivers for our printer. grrrrrrr I tell you how is a girl supposed to scrap with no printer?
I do have my GDT layout to share but I need to add one more photo to it then I will upload.
Hope all is well in blog land.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Aint She Cute??

Well I think she is gorgeous!
Here's my scraplift of Emma's LO. I loved how she used the cardstock stickers around her smart cookie that girl. Should make the SBM Masters I rekon. Love Hon!

Off to come up with a plan for the CC over at Artitistic Document next weekend. If you have never joined in with a CC over there check it out, they are such a hoot......we all have such a great laugh. The theme this month is 'as time goes by'.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey Peeps

I was asked to be the GD at ART this month and I decided to go with a technique challenge. I had so much fun last month............ having a go at making my own mists and generally making a ruddy mess! LOL!!!!
I also tried to use different items as stencils. For example chippie letters, shapes, masking tape and fantastic elastic bands. These stretchy little guys would have to be my favourite!
I have made a frame by stretching them this way at that over an old photo matt and sprayed with glimmmermists. Just looking for the right LO to put it onto!
Below is my example LO. The gorgeous little girl is our friends daughter Zoe. She's always smiling and seems to love the camera! I wanted the focus of the LO to be on the picture so I kept it very simple. The flower has been made out of stamped tissue papaer and more glimmermist and is rather dark in the pic than IRL

Almost forgot to share this LO of my MIL. A challenge set by Toni at ART. She is in her Deb/comming out dress......which is so much more beautiful than her really plain wedding dress!

Well of to put the finishing touches on another LO..................Em should recognise it, it's pretty much a lift of one of her LO's!! But I'm sure she wont mind.........will you???? Thanks Hon

Friday, October 30, 2009

Can't share!!!

I have done quite alot of playing around with different techniques this month and I tell you I have had so much fun!! It's all because I was asked to be the Guest DT for November over at Artistic Document But I cant share what I have been up to until after the first on the month.

But I do have a couple of LO for Mitchell's A-Z book to share. Obviously H and J still working on I.....waiting for the walnut ink to dry as I type!

Toodles for now...............

Friday, October 16, 2009

Just a quickie!!!!

Just a flying visit today......lots to do a never enough time. But here is a couple LO's I have done this week.
FIL resting place...........Stairway to Heaven is what the local fisherman call this beach because of the excellent fishing. So it seem right to use it as the title for the layout.

Julie, from Lets get Shabby is the guest DT over at Art this month and here is my take on her challenge.

That it! Told you it was quick!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back again

Not to be out done but Miss Em, I thought I'd better post again today!! LOL
I'm hoping while I'm on holidays to get a LO a day done. Not sure how that will pan out today as Ash has a GF coming over which generally means I'll have to play with Mitchell. Not that I mind but obiviously less time to scrap. We also have cooking and going on a bike ride on the agenda so there goes even more precious scrap time. Do you think I have all my excuses ready??? LOL!!
Anyways here is my LO from last night...........Cute little Dannielle and Mitmoo as she calls him!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hey there!

Been really busy over the last month - with life not scrapping!
But it has been such a blast.
Firstly I got two meet two more wonderful women from Art - Maria and Marie. They came over for the Creative Edge weekend from interstate and got together with the SA contingent! Saturday night we where supposed to scrap, but we chatted more than scrapped (no surprises there really!!) but we did share lots of scrapping ideas with each other.
Then my parents came down for the following weekend and Mum helped me cook up a storm for our trip to Elliston/Pt. Lincoln the next weekend.
Our week away was fantastic. The drive over was not as bad as I remembered and we had a great time relaxing and fishing. Not that many fish where caught - the wild storms the week prior really stirred everything up and the tides where not that good either. But we did catch enough for a good feed of tommies one night Yummo!

We also said our final farewell to Den (FIL) as he wanted his ashes to be scattered at Locks Well.

On the scrapping front not a lot has been done!
But I do have to LO's to share........
The first one I did for Kym's colour challenge purple. black and white. I made the lavender stem by punching out LOTS of small sun shapes then threading them onto the stems - took forever! But I think they look fabbo!

This next LO was made by using a mystery pack sent to me be Kym. The kit contained PP 8x8, 7x7, 6x6 a chippy, ribbon, and some embellishments.

The final thing I have done scrapping wise is making these flowers

Pretty, quick (okay Em I timed myself more like 5 mins!!!) and easy!!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

How Long??

Too long!
Aaaahhhh well you get that I suppose.
Been on a bit of a scrappin blitz lately however.
Here, have a look.......

Pages D - G in Mitchell's A- Z book.....I'm now up to date with this YAY!!
This one had me stuck for awhile. The criteria? Shabby chic, flowers, a butterfly, ribbon and a touch of pink! Just what you need for a boys LO!!! LOL Happy with how it turned out.....and surprisingly so is he!!

The only full sized LO I have done for ages. Anyone with rough and tumble boys will so get this LO. I swear Mitch will send me broke.......or should I just get shares in a shoe company! LOL

Based on a sketch provided by Ann over at Art.

The CC at Art was based on reduce, reuse and recycle. The OPT project was to scrap something you would normally throw away. I, for some ungodly reason, chose to scrap this cotton reel. Really happy with the end result but blimy it was fiddly.

I have been involved in a lot of swaps of is one I really enjoyed. Matchbox swap. Haven't received the one Lara has made for me but here is the one for her.

If you are involved in the September Vintage Lady ATC swap at Art and dont wanna see what I have done......dont look any further!!

Going to try crocheting on a LO for Kym's colour challenge..... shades of purple black and white.

Well that's me all done and up to wise anyway! Going to tackle my BOM cover now. Playing with stencils, inks, stamps and will just make a right o' mess! Oh what fun.

Catch ya all later!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Quick Share

I'm off to visit my parents in Bamera this weekend for Mum's birthday, so had to get my skates on in regards to scrapping.
Finished and posted my Vintage Tags. Had a sneak peak at the other girls tags and goodness me they all look beautiful. I cant wait to receive them.
The only LO I have for you is a self portrait-Maria's challenge for July at ART

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vintage Tag Swap

Here's my tag for the vintage tag swap which is full swing over at AD
It's a bit like the inches swap but we only have to do twenty of these. Thank goodness!!
Here's the link to the original piece of artwork.............................

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Haven't been overly busy scrapping wise lately. But here is a couple of quick shares
Firstly my LO for Kym's challenge over at AD. This was going to be my challenge for Challenge the DT, but figured it might be a little hard to come up with another way to add smell to a LO!

I'm kinda getting into ATC at the moment. I find they come together quickly for me. Much quicker than a LO anyways. Here's my latest for Scrap Around The Clock.

I have been inspired by the grunge work the DT at AD, have done this week, as part of the Challenge the DT comp.
Thank you ATC with
2 x pp
and handstitching - use a bit of creative licence with this one and went with wire to form a couple of x's-hope they accept that as handstitching!!! Never mind if they dont!

Well bye bye for now the kids want bacon and eggs!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a week!!!

Well I'm back at work and all I can say is thank God it the weekend. What a ruddy mess!!! Two weeks worth of patient notes to type up, accounts to check and the EOFY stuff to start organising. But all I wanna do is not fair. I wanna win the xlotto this week. What are the chances??? Buckleys I reckon.
Enough of the whingy whiney (I can hear Em saying want some cheese with that whine....gee I miss that! Love ya Hon) here's the latest LO.....Bazz and Me. Dont do LO's of us very often must do more of these. The design is a lift but I cant remember from where!? The scalloped doodled border and inked border around the photos appealed to me. TFSB!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Quick Share

Just finished this did give me some grief but I'm happy with how it turned out. It's the first LO in ages I have just done for criteria that had to be followed..............just have fun with the process.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Scrappin Update

Firstly thank you Ann for giving me this lovely blog award.

Now five other people to give the award to...........................

Well I didn't scrap as much as I would have liked with my week off but here's what I done.

Pages B and C in Mitchell's A-Z album.............................

We had to dress a chippie and Maria wanted to see some texture. Well I placed mesh over mine and painted has a nice mesh look to it IRL you just cant see it in the photo!

For the letter C Maria want us to do some paper casting. What is paper casting? Choose a stamp and then layer loo paper onto it giving the paper a spritz of water in between layers. Let it dry, trim and them decorate!

Kym's colour challenge for June was brown,green and lots of white. She also wanted 2 JB's rubons and bling. Here's what I came up with

I have also finished my first ever ATC for Scrap around the clock.

Bye for now.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hi All!!

Back in March at Hybrid we had a auction to raise money for the bushfire victims. One of many items I was very keen to win was a LO by Kerryn Fry. I just love this girls work. So much detail, cutwork, layers, doodling etc in every LO it astounds me. We met up for a coffee last weekend and she presented me with my finished masterpiece.......................

Fantastic isn't it?? And Kerryn is such a gorgeous person.....I hope to catch up with her again.

The only thing I have done since my last post is this LO, which was an online class run by Marie at Hybrid. I must apologise to Em for cutting off one of the bridesmaids but it just wasn't working in landscape.

I got kicked off The Island last week.................a little sad but glad in alot of other ways. I can get some other scrapping done now!! hehe Good luck to the remaining girls Marie, Wendy and Kerryn.

That's all from me for now, but hopefully I'll be a bit more productive over the next week as I am home with whooping cough. Feel fine but just cough alot!!!! Tooorah

Saturday, May 30, 2009

No Swine Flu Here...............Honest!!!

Well I have been rightly miserable for the last week with a darn head cold that I just can shake. I haven't done alot scrapping wise with the folks popping in for a week stay and now my cold. But I thought I'd share my Challenge 11 LO and my inchies for swap at Hybrid

The photo of the inchies is not to good being night photo but you get the general idea. Cant wait for the swap to be posted out.

Off to catch up on some CJ's.......only have three here waiting(blush) dont wanna let the team down.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Things to share

Why hello people! Been so busy around the house that I feel I haven't scrapped much. But I got a few things to share with ya!

Maria is running a A-Z book of..........whatever you like. So I'm doing one on Mitch cos I really dont like doing boy LO's. So I thought this might give me the oppotunity to try a few different things on a small scale. The cover of the album is covered in denim from an old pair of his jeans and the elastic that holds it together is from the adjustable waist band. His name is double sided stickers which I have covered in red flocking. Now that stuff really makes a jolly mess but goodness it works soooo well.

A is for attitude. This kid has plenty of it!! I've rummaged thru my stash and found some old BG Colour me silly range. Sorry did I say some.................I mean the entire range including stickers and tags (blush) Just put it away a never used it, like a lot of things (more blushing)

I have just completed Challenge 10 for Scrapbook Survivor. We had to use the flourish we made for the mini-challenge, and make a LO about a dream. (This could be an actual dream you've had, a dream-come-true, a daydream, etc.) and use the word DREAM somehow in your title (including the variants - dreaming, dreamed etc)

The only other thing I'm doing is a swap of inchies. I need to make 100 (yes 100) 1" x 1" monochromatic squares in orange. Everyone has a different colour and you end up with 10 of each colour. This is what the finished product may look like

Well I think it looks fabbo and I have a spot picked out on my scrap space wall to hang it when done. 10 down 90 to go!!!
So I'd better go!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Challenge 9

Cant believe I'm still on the Island..................... thought I would have been voted off by now! This round we had to scrap about our favourite toy, piece of clothing, holiday spot or person. To be honest I really cant remember that far back!! LOL But Mum assures me Humphrey was my favourite toy. This photo is also special as it is only one of a handful I have of myself.

I also used a WOIN kit to do the LO. I really cant praise these kits enough......they are great value for money ranging from $12 - $20 odd dollars and there is enough product for several LO's. Go check out the May Kits.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Being Slack?

Well yes and no!

Have been really busy this month with doing up our shed ,to make it a games room and scrap space. YAY! And looking for a new car. Got one! Being sick and working !

This has left little time for scrapping. Boooo. Still got lots to do in the shed but it's getting there.

Two LO's to share

First one is for Challenge 8 for the Survivor comp. We had to scrap our scrap space! I seem to be rather tidy in comparsion to the other girls. But I do feel that might change when I have my own area and can just shut the door on it!! hehe.

The second LO is for Ann's April Challenge.

I have done another 8.5 x 11 lovin' this size at the moment.

I have also used product from the WOIN Sultry Kit. These kits are great for those of us that have trouble co ordinating different pp's - everything goes together so well. Check them out May Kits will be revealed soon..............




Emma and Phil

on the safe and rather quick arrival of


Another bouncing baby boy to add to their beautiful family.

Good luck sweet..................3 under 3!!! At least you are surrounded by family and good friends.


Friday, April 3, 2009

8.5 x 11

I loved doing this size..........gonna do a few more I think.

This one is for Toni's April Challenge over at Hybrid 4 colours, 4 word title and 4 types of embellishments.

The story behind the blackeye? Giving my son a gentle wake up kiss on the ribs!! He thought I was going to tickle him so he swung his elbow back and POW......just about knocked me out! April fools day to me!!
Off to figure out what to do next

Challenge 7

Oh hard was the challenge this week at Hybrid, I didn't like it at all!!

Theme is -- some aspect of being on the Island

The criteria

1. you must have at least 3 sentences of journalling

2. Your LO must include metal, in any shape or form

3. You must use blue OR green OR beige/sandy colour as your predominant colour

Oh yeah and it had to be a double!!!!!

I've hit a wall at the moment and have hardly scrapped. So I thought I'd try a change in size of LO's. This one is just 2 15 x 30, but I'll be doing 8.5 x 11 to shake things up a bit and hopefully get the juices flowing again.

I've stitched the page protector in half and have also added some embellishments to the outside of the sleeve for something a little different. Photo's from Photobucket - I wish they were mine!!!

Off to finish my first 8.5 x 11!!! Bye

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I received a parcel today! It was filled with the most wonderful array of goodies any scrapper could want.The kits were ordered from What is old is new and I cant rave about them enough. Just go check them out! The April kits go on sale today an is first in best dressed.....hurry what are you waiting for??

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Survivor Challenge 6

Goodness I didn't think that I'd get this done in time. I have been feeling rather washed out and totally uninspired. But here it is the next LO using at least three pp's and a leaf/shell motif. I used BG, IOD and Kaiser pp's flowers from Target, Heidi Swapp ghost leaves, stamped Kaiser leafs, wooden flourish and pearls, CC and Prima Flocked stickers. TFL!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another LO!

Here's my take on Ann's (from Hybrid) Challenge. Doesn't meet the criteria, but I'm not fussed! I have had this photo for years and have not known who the gorgeous girl in it is! I just love the casual way she sits on the chair and she has an air of mischief about her. After Mum had her stroke she forgot lots of things and who this girl is was one of them. After alot of searching Mum managed to figure out that it was her Aunty Ella!
This is the reason why we all scrap I remember. TFL!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lucky 7?

Just a quickie today! Here is my LO for challenge 8 at Butterfly Crafts. I found the criteria quite difficult as I dont really have a lucky charm or wanted to scrap about bad/good luck so I went with my so called lucky number! Two things I haved wanted to do on a LO for sometime - a photoless LO and using pp to create a border - able to do both on this one. This was my LO as the GD.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Motor Mouth!!

Well that's the title to my lastest LO! I dont have a motor mouth!?

At Butterfly Crafts the first challenge for the month was to do a LO based on your favourite book. I only start reading after a really long break about two years ago and Janet Evanovich is a firm fav with me. Her books are easy to read and appeal to my sence of humor.

So here it is.................

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Survivor Challenge 5

The task for this week was a tough one. No patterned papers or premade embellys!! We could use paints inks pens and alphas (thank God for alphas!) Had me stumped for a while but got some inspiration from some pp and tried to replicate them

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yes I'm a slacker.........

After the flurry of scrapping the other week, 7 LO's an OTP and a card, I have only completed one LO. But I have done LOTS of thinking and planning! Which I'm doing a lot more of latley. I'm organised and routined in everyday life so I dont know why it took me so long to apply it to scrapping!

So what goss do I have? My LO was chosen by random over at Butterfly Crafts as the winner for the month...woowhoo. Another $20 to spend at Hybrid and a GD spot for March, rather nervous about the last bit, especially with the criteria that was set. It's almost finished tho and I'll post after the 15th.

The only LO I have to share this time around is one I've done using a challenge pack I put together for my mate Em and I. Couple of years ago we decided to do a SM style 20/40/60 challenge and we are still doing them although not as often as we used too. I think I sent this pack to her back in Oct/Nov last year (blush) Anyhow here it cute little niece walking around, still rather unsteady but very mobile!!

Okay Em mines done, now where's yours? The challenge for you love is to get it done before bubs arrives in 6 weeks!!

Delivered my LO's for the bushfire ablums the other day. I was really touched when Nae put mine in the crate with the others -there were over one hundred LO's in there! Goodness scrappers are nice people!

I think I've yabbered long enough, I'm off to play with my alcohol inks and see what I can come up with for the next survivor challenge - no pp or purchased embellys!!!! What??

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week 4 on Cropdile Island

Here's my LO for this week ......had to be something we had survived. I chose to scrap probably the exhausting thing I've ever done, but it was so worth it! The climb to St Mary's Peak in the Flinders Rangers. Just an 8 hour walk no sweat!!