Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Cards and a LO

I created this LO using the scraps from the cards(below) and it was based on a blind scrap from waaaayyy back in September. Zoe with a cheesy this girl.

It rather warm here............again! Over it!!
House work all done, kids playing nicely(WT*!!) and DH at I attacked the old stash again to create some more cards.
Inspiration from an old For Keeps

My aim is to NOT to buy a card at all this year.
17 made so far!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Scrap the Girls LO

This year I made the decision to make more of an effort to do some layouts for challenge blogs.
This is my first for the year

Gorgeous Zoe playing at her christening.
She reminded me of a doll I had a child.......right down to the dark hair, fair skin and the pose. Such a cutie.
Off to make some cards.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


It's been a busy week!
Work has been flat out and preparations for Mitchell's birthday kept me busy at home. But somehow I manage to do a heap of scrapping! Go figure.
Firstly a LO for the CC at Art. It was a back to nature theme and Toni's challenge was to produce a LO usuing a picture of an animal and an animal's name in the title.
Please Note the fan flowers! Such fiddly darn things, but gee I like'm!
and this was from Kym's Blind Scrap

Picking a word to embrace for the year seems to be very popular! Whilst I think this is a great idea I didn't want to do a LO that would end up in my album and then forgotten. So I decided to do a tag which I'm using as a bookmark in my I see it daily and act upon it! I used some Tim Holtz techniques on the was so easy and quick and I really love how it has turned out.

And finally I was ask to do a Pimp My LO by Toni.
So here is how my original LO started.

and this is how it finished up after some glimmermist, cotton wool, punches, embossing, inking and pen work! Really love how this turned out also.

Well that all folks!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stinkin' Hot

Cripes it's darn hot here in Adelaide Town at the moment!
Too hot to do anything other than scrap and veg out on the couch.

Here is my efforts from yesterday.......a LO based on Maria's 54321 Challenge at ART.
5 word title
4 pp's
3 kinds of embellishments
2 kinds of ribbon, lace or fibres
1 mirrored embellishment

I have used walnut ink crystals to grunge up the cogs and my mirrored embelly is the skull. I'll probably have 7 years bad luck now cos I broke a mirror to place behind it!!

I dont have a card made from the scraps of this LO because the LO, except for the cog pp, is made up scraps!

But here is the card I made from the scraps of the Naughty or Nice LO.

Keep Cool

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Goodness It's been awhile (blush! LOL) But I haven't done much in the way of scrapping with the lead up to Christmas.
Here is one of the reasons....................Kali (Carlie)

Kali is Indian for Black Godness. She is ever so cute but is a handful.
It's like having a toddler in the to have eyes in the back of your head..........well if you want your furniture, carpet or anything else for that matter, left intact!
After Christmas the fridge died......there went all the leftovers....... and the loo decided it would pack it in too!!!! aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!
The new fridge is now in place but the overhead cupboards still need to be adjusted as this fridge is taller than the old one and the loo is back to flushing YAY! But it was all rather stressful there for a while.

Now to the important stuff.......scrapping!
Here is my first LO for the year.
Our friends daughter with the cheekiest of cute is she?

The thing I'm challenging myself to this year is to make cards out of my LO scraps. I have made one from this LO but forgot to take a pic!
Below are some cards I made with some help for an old For Keeps mag. I am impressed with the number of cards, tags and gift bags made from 3 x pp and a pkt of rubons. So I think I'm set for any boy birthdays that might be coming up!

Better get my skates on!
Got to take the dog for it's 12 week vac shots.
Cheers and have a great New Year everyone!