Friday, January 30, 2009

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!!!!

Not on the LO side of things just the weather! It has been scorching weather for the last 4 days. 40 + degrees eeewww Hands up I surrender. I'm such a grumpy cow when it's hot. Maybe if I stop talking about it I wont notice it - huh not likely!!!

Here is my LO for Round 2 of the Survivor comp at Hybrid

Criteria - 1 JB, 2 colours only, distressing, 2 x 6"x 4" photos and title, sub title and journaling.....

I'm taking part in my first ever CJ and I'm very excited about the whole concept and I'm looking forward to doing my bit in everyones journal.
I have chosen to do mine on music. Here is my cover and sign in pages.........

And I have chosen to do a LO on my favourite artist Mark Knopfler........

One final bit of news..........................Kym is now on the DT at Hybrid YAY!!!!!!

She's such a talented girl and a sweetie to boot. Well done love mwwah.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hi and welcome to My Scrap Space

I feel rather odd typing away here because I feel I'm just writing to myself! My kids will tell you I talk to myself, so I suppose it's just an extention of that. LOL.
Here are a few LO's for January Challenge's over at Hybrid.
First one was for Maria's Monochromatic Challenge. I have wanted to do one of these for quite sometime and I really enjoyed the challenge.

Second one was for Rachael. Australian song title/lyrics. I chose a Thirsty Merc song.

Toni's Challenge for the month was based on the strange summer weather she had been experiencing. Not that we had strange weather here in Adelaide as such but we are on water restrictions so I scrapped about that.

The Survivor comp has started at Hybrid and this is the first LO completed. It had to be based on my tribes totem. I used Stuck Sketch 68 for inspiration and Kasier pp as the tribes are named after two of the pp in the Sakura range. Sorry Em just had to use this photo LOL. Just so us!

That's it for the to do my CJ